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Degree results for each semester or academic year are available in our database. As a National University (NU) Degree pass course student you want to get your Degree Result. So which part degree result you are searching? Degree 1st Year Result, Degree 2nd Year Result, Degree 3rd Year Result, Consolidate Degree Result? All of these NU results are available.

Most of the students in the country participate in the degree pass course examination. Because the number of seats of Honors is relatively less. Moreover, honors courses are not available in all upazila levels of the country. That is why a large number of students in the country have degree pass courses. And not everyone has the same ability to verify online results. Therefore, for the purpose of students of all degree pass courses, I am describing how to easily see the degree results.

In addition, this post will discuss about the idea of date publishing the Degree results, solving the problem of seeing the results from the NU website after the Degree results are published, getting the DEG results online or mobile, correcting the results by challenging the NU Degree results, etc.

Degree Exam

Degree in Bangladesh is an academic level of Honors level. The full title of the degree is the degree pass course, which is administered by the National University. Students are usually admitted to degree courses after passing HSC. Degree pass course is 3 years based. According to Wikipedia, there are about 2000 colleges or institutions in Bangladesh where degree pass courses are available.

The National University degree pass course has several subjects or bachelor’s degrees. Students will be able to study in one of them on the basis of SSC and HSC groups. Degree Pass Course Topics:

  • B.A. = Bachelor of Arts
  • BSS = Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • BSc = Bachelor of Science
  • BBS = Bachelor of Business Studies
  • BMusic = Bachelor of Music
  • BSports = Bachelor of Sports
  • BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts

However, most of the students study in BA, BSS, BSc among the above subjects.

Degree Result Publish Date

Usually the first year, second year and third year exams are not fixed for each year. This creates a tangle of sessions and takes longer than the scheduled time for the test and the result. However, the National University tries to take all degree examinations as soon as possible. When the examination of any one of the first year, second year and third year is completed, the result will be published within 60-90 working days. However, the results may be delayed for various reasons. For example, all educational institutions are closed during the Corona period.

Now the question is how do I know when any degree result of first year, second year and third year will be published? In fact, it is not possible to predict the release date. Because only 1 day before the publication of the degree result or on the same day the National University publishes the notice for the publication of the result.

Where can I get a notice to publish the degree result? For this you need to follow the notice page of the National University website regularly.

Degree Result 2021

Since you are a student of a national university degree pass course, you need to know everything about your degree results. You probably know a lot. But if you are a first year student of a degree, you probably don’t know much. So I am presenting a lot of known and unknown things for you. If you know the words, you can ignore them and see the results rules and links below.

As a degree student you will take 3 exams in 3 years. The results of each year’s examination will be published separately. However, the average result of 3 years will be your final degree result. Think, your result is bad in the first year. Again in the second and third year you did well with hard perseverance. Then your result can be better if you match the result of 3 years. This means that the bad results of the first year will become make-up for the results of the next two years.

Also, if you failed in any subject or got a point below 2.75, then next year you will be able to give an improve exam in that subject. If you do well in the improve exam then your points will increase, and if the improve exam is bad then there is no problem. In that case you will have the previous result. If the result of the improve exam does not increase, then understand that your result is less than the previous test.

After getting the degree result if you think that you have given a good test but your result is relatively bad. Then you can challenge your result or book in the national university. However, keep in mind that you can challenge the results within a few days of the publication of the degree.

How To Get National University (NU) Degree Result?

There are two ways to view the results of the degree examination. One of the two methods is to search the degree result by searching the roll / registration number from the National University website online. The other is to get degree result by sending mobile SMS. Below is how to get degree results by these.

Degree Result Through

The only website to view the degree results is However, there is an opportunity to view the results on another website for a short time after the degree results are published. If you see the degree result online, you will also get the marksheet. So follow the instructions below to view the degree result along with the marksheet.

Visit the National University Degree Result Web page

Then click on the degree from the list on the left. Then you will see every year of degree examination. Click on the degree result of the year you want to view. Now there will be an option to search the result.

Enter your registration number in the Registration Number field from that option.

Then give the year of the exam which is in your admit card.

Now, you will see a picture with five characters. Write the letters in the box below as they appear in the picture.

Finally, click the Search Results button. If your registration number, side year and given captcha code are correct then you will get your result.

Degree Result Through

  • Visit:
  • Click on Results from the top menu.
  • Select your examination as Degree.
  • Provide your roll/reg no, passing year and click on get result button.
  • If your provided information is correct, you will get your Degree result marksheet.

Degree Result Through SMS

A good aspect for degree pass course students is that degree results can be viewed via SMS only on the day of publication of results. For this you have to send an SMS in a certain format to 16222.

The SMS format for getting degree result is:

SMS Format: NU [space] DEG [space] Roll number

Sending number: 16222

Example: NU DEG 6100756

The Degree result SMS format of each year is the same. Because the SMS method is started for the day of publication of Degree results.

Degree Consolidate Result

Consolidated degree result is the combined result of 3 years examination. So this result will be available from the day after the publication of the result of the third year of the degree. The same rule has to be followed to see the degree consolidated result. However, for this you have to select the consolidated result option without selecting any specific year and verify the result in the same manner.


We have tried to discuss almost all the necessary issues about degree results. Hope you like it and get a lot of ideas about degree results. In addition to the above, if you have any questions about the degree result, please comment below. We will try to answer your question about the degree result.

Updated: February 26, 2021 — 6:30 am

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